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Do You Want the Healthiest, Cleanest Pool Water Possible?

Looking to Greatly Reduce Chemicals In Your Pool?

Let us install the very best, most powerful natural bacteria killing technologies available on the planet. Our UV light and ozone combination sanitation system destroy bacteria naturally and reduce the need for chlorine by up to 90%. Go ahead and picture your family and friends swimming in a healthier pool with only 10% of the usual dose of chlorine in the water. We are passionate about reducing the chemical demand of your swimming pool while at the same time providing you with the healthiest, cleanest water your family and friends have ever experienced. Our Ozone and UV Light Systems Destroy Micro-Organisms That Chlorine Or Salt Chlorine Generators Alone Can Not. Less chlorine = Happier Eyes, Skin and Hair. No more red burning eyes or smelling like a chlorine factory when you get out of your pool

 The Ozone Solution:

Ozone is an Approved Antimicrobial, Disinfectant and Sanitizer by all Definitions. Ozone is a natural and biodegradable solution to do what chlorine alone can not.

Protection from Bacteria and Algae

There is growing concern and evidence that many types of bacteria and viruses are becoming more chlorine-resistant as they evolve. This growing resistance to chlorination is one of the reasons, according to public health officials, that RWIs have been steadily on the rise in commercial aquatic facilities in recent years.

Yet another concern involves the increased likelihood of potentially harmful organic contaminants that can find their way into the water in the form of insecticides and fertilizer, pharmaceutical byproducts and increasingly polluted rainwater. The good news is that research confirms the presence of ozone and/or UV systems offer germicidal benefits that enable the control of pathogens while also enabling the reduction of chlorine consumption.

The Chlorine Problem

Chloramines appear in swimming pools as a result of the reaction between ammonia- and nitrogen-based compounds (urea is ammonia-based) and chlorine based disinfectants. The weekly use of chlorine tablets is a major contributor and creator of chloramines.


  • Produce the chlorine smell erroneously thought to be chlorine
  • Cause eye and skin irritation
  • Are poor disinfectants
  • Result in chemical off-gas creating the potential for structural corrosion and HVAC equipment failure
  • Result in chemical off-gas which creates an unhealthy environment for swimmers causing ailments commonly referred to as “Lifeguard Lung” and “Swimmer’s Asthma”
  • Ozone sucessfully breaks down and destroys Chloramines

Ozone BOTH Prevents and Destroys Chloramines:

  • Ozone breaks down Fulvic and Humic acid
  • Ozone oxidizes other organic compounds such as body oil, urine, perspiration, fecal matter and cosmetics
  • Breaks down the N-Cl bonds of the chloramine molecules through oxidation (this process occurs at the point of ozone injection and continues the oxidation process as it passes at low levels into the pool)
  • Ozone forms hydroxyl radicals, adding to the chloramine oxidation process

Ozone Reduction of Chloramines is Documented to Reach ZERO

Our ozone systems are installed on my own pool and give me peace of mind knowing our family and friends are swimming in healthy clean water.

Advanced Oxidation Process is the Key

In recent years, proponents of both UV and ozone systems, supported by volumes of research, point to a synergy that further enhances the effectiveness of both systems and further reduces the amount of halogen required.

That synergy comes in the form of what is known as the Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP). The science behind AOP is extraordinarily complex and, in fact, remains the subject of ongoing research. The simple explanation is that when ozone is added upstream of the UV unit, small amounts of hydroxyl radical (OH) species are produced. Hydroxyl radicals are extremely short-lived, just a fraction of a second, but they are also extremely powerful in terms of oxidation. In fact, hydroxyl radicals are the only compounds more powerful than ozone used in water treatment. AOP processes are so powerful they can fully oxidize all forms of organic contaminants, including microorganisms, human waste, dangerous chemicals like pharmaceutical waste and petrochemicals, fungus, algae, pesticides and other toxic elements. They also oxidize non-organic materials such as dissolved metals (iron, manganese, etc.) found in potable water, enabling their removal by filtration.


If not completely satisfied, your money will be refunded less installation expense. After 30 days, regular warranty terms apply. WARRANTY:  2 Year Limited Warranty and warranty is transferable.