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Barrington, IL

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We couldn’t be happier with AquaOne. Overall great customer service, honest and experienced. Fred and the entire AquaOne team are great and take time to explain issues with the pool. I highly recommend them!

Christi Gaido, Inverness

I have had a pool for 30 years and have high standards for its upkeep. AquaOne has been excellent: reliable, efficient and fairly priced. I would recommend AquaOne to someone considering a pool maintenance company.

Virginia Rittmaster, Barrington Hills

AquaOne Pools is amazing! We began using AquaOne Pools after a recommendation from a friend and could not be happier with the results. Prior to using AquaOne we were on our third pool company and had nothing but constant problems. In seven years since we originally built our pool we had to drain the pool, replace the liner, heater, pump and filter system - essentially rebuild our pool. I contribute that to the lack of knowledge and proper care from poorly trained pool service technicians . We have extremely hard water and have been told that the if the pool is not balanced correctly that the parts will be negatively effected. I was getting tired of looking at my pool everyday anticipating a problem with the either the level or condition of the water. We were so frustrated at the constant problems that we even contemplated getting rid of the pool completely. As soon as Fred and his team took over we began to love our pool again! He takes a thoughtful approach in addressing any concerns, and even though we still have had to replace some parts and equipment he suggests ones that he would personally use and we finally feel as if we can trust someone with decisions. His commitment to having clear communication with his customers is also something that makes his service stand out. I know that if there is an issue I will hear about it right away and it will be addressed right away. I would highly recommend AquaOne Pools to anyone in the area!

Christina Angelos, Long Grove

AquaOne Pools has provided our family the ultimate in pool care and service. We had very disappointing experiences with several pool services prior to AquaOne. We have found AquaOne to exceed our expectation at EVERY service. The entire crew is extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy. They are guided by the owner of AquaOne, Fred, who we have come to depend on and trust for the quality of our pool care and the health of our family. He is genuinely honest in providing care and service and makes sure the owner is fully aware of what?s going on with their equipment, water, and chemical treatments. We have dogs that love the water, and Fred makes sure he leaves me instructions after every service for the safety of our pets and our family. AquaOne is prompt, efficient, reliable, and provides absolutely OUTSTANDING service. You can rest assured that Fred and his team will give you and your family the impeccable service and trusted care you deserve. This is the team I will continue to trust for the maintenance of my pool and the health and safety of my family.

Donna Plichta, Otis Road, Barrington Hills, IL

When it comes to pool service, AquaOne does an exceptional job. Fred has done a wonderful job maintaining our pool to the same standards of his own family pool and with quick service when you need it. I highly recommend AquaOne!

Becky Reilly, Barrington

As a new pool owner, AquaOne and Fred have been indispensable in getting me educated about pool care and maintenance and in getting my pool functioning properly and looking great. They are reliable and dependable – they do what they say they’re going to do when they say they’re going to do it. Fred takes as much pride in the pools he services as the pools’ owners do.

Brian Booker, Three Lakes Drive, Long Grove

Aquaone Pools has been our pool service company for the past 15 years. The company is professional and reliable and Fred (the owner) always takes his time to address any questions or concerns. They are the very best for pool maintenance and also for pool remodeling as we just experienced in the new house that we bought. Fred will never leave you hanging and I can honestly say that in 15 years he has never let us down. Our pool has always been ready for our outdoor events even when at the last minute something may have been going wrong, Fred was able to guide me over the phone and solve everything on time for everyone to enjoy the party. This Summer take a real break and enjoy your pool. Let Fred do all the work - he's great at it !!

The Lobue Family, Three Lakes Drive, Long Grove

Hi Fred! I just wantd to say thank you for all of your help on our pool. You and your crews are fantastic to work with and I will always recommend AquaOne Pools. With lots of patience and care you have brought our pool back to life. The before and after pictures are unbelievable! Thank you! Lavinia Lobue

Tammy Sage, North Barrington

We have used AquaOne Pools for the last 9 years. With Fred's advice, we re-plastered and installed new tile this year. It really looks great. Fred walked us through the process and helped us make various, important decisions on the project. Fred and his staff are always available for emergencies and reliable the rest of the time.

Meg Burke, Kildeer

Hi Fred. I just wanted to thank you for another GREAT summer with my pool. Your service guys are doing a great job.

Stewart Gross, Long Grove

AquaOne Pools is the best service organization that I've used at my home (and I've used many). Fred has always delivered exactly what he promised - on time and very well. I wish all organizations were as professional and reliable as AquaOne.

Jamie Curcio, Inverness

The Currie Family is so grateful for AquaOne Pools! They are professional, knowledgeable, and have the best customer service. We will never switch to another pool company. They truly guarantee their work and make sure we're very satisfied!

Christina Currie, Inverness

We've had AquaOne for 12 years and have never been let down by their superior service and professionalism. I'd recommend them to anyone who's looking for a dependable pool company.

Basel Tarabein - Kildeer

We have been using AquaOne for the past several years, and our pool has never looked better. Always responsive, fair priced, courteous and friendly. In Deer Park we have such a short pool season, it's just not worth working with other pool services in the area.

Bill Karmell - Deer Park